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How to make a donation

Most donors are using Paypal, see below. But check the country specific information first:

Transfer the money in euro to our bank with a SEPA transaction. This has minimal costs and will allow for a tax reduction if you live in Holland. See Bank transfer below.
Send the money to MISEREOR to get a tax reduction if you live in Germany. See here (German) or here (English).
Most prefer to use Paypal. The other methods mentioned below can also be used.
For sponsoring a child contact Kibaale Children's Fund (KCF) in Canada (see below). US and Canadian checks can be send to them to lower banking costs.
For companies a tax reduction can be obtained, see below.

Do you work for Google? Please enter your gift on giftmatch and Google will double the amount (if the conditions are met). The organisation ID is 21197, or search for "ICCF".

Transfer methods in order of preference:
Bank transfer
Transfer the money to:
Bank: ING bank, the Netherlands
IBAN: NL95 INGB 0004 5487 74
Beneficiary: Stichting ICCF Holland, Amersfoort

This is free of charge from most European countries when the currency is EURO and "shared cost" is selected. This is the address of the bank:
    ING Bank Amsterdam, Foreign Operations
    PO Box 1800
    1000 BV Amsterdam
    The Netherlands

Paypal logo
You can use PayPal to send money with a Credit card or from your bank account. This is the most widely used Internet based payment system. It's secure and really simple to use, just press this button and follow the directions:
To start a recurring payment see the subscription page.
See the paypal site for information. The e-mail address for sending the money to is: Helena@iccf-holland.org. Using Euro is preferred, US dollars are also accepted.
Security check: On the PayPal page the URL must start with "https://www.paypal.com/".
Postal Money order
Although this is possible, it is very uncommon these days. If you see no other way you can try this, mostly this is done at the post office. Use the name and the address in Amersfoort below. Use Euro for the currency if possible.
For Canada and the USA see the next item. Sending a bank check to ICCF Holland is no longer possible, our bank does not accept them.
KCF in Canada
KCF forwards 100% of the money to the project in Uganda.
If you make a donation to Kibaale Children's Fund (KCF) you will receive a tax receipt which can be submitted with your tax return.
KCF is under the umbrella of Kuwasha, part of Pacific Academy, which is a charity registered in Canada. More information on their website. KCF takes care of the Canadian sponsors for the children in Kibaale. You can also contact them if you would like to sponsor a child.
    Kibaale Children's Fund c/o Pacific Academy
    10238-168 Street
    Surrey, B.C. V4N 1Z4
    Phone: 604-581-5353
Companies in Switzerland can send a donation to MISEREOR, see here (German) or here (English). According to a well informed tax person the donation can be put in the books as a donation, so long as it is a reasonable amount.
As far as we know this is not possible for private persons.

Correspondence address:

    Stichting ICCF Holland
    Helena Posthumus
    Goudsbloemstraat 51
    The Netherlands
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